What is there to do at The Retreat Bushland Lodge?

Our house is a privately owned and managed lodge within the Eaglereach Highland Park (community title) resort. So you can use the resort facilities which include a swimming pool, a tennis court, bushwalking trails, a yabby pond, a lagoon, and fire trails which are suitable for bushwalking, mountain biking or 4WDs. 


Some guests like to picnic at the rather pretty lagoon and at Mt George trig station where there is a magnificent view. 


In the area there are golf courses and arts, crafts and antiques. Parths of the Barriongton Tops are an easy drive away.


There is also plenty to do indoors with board games, lots of movies, books and magazines, as well as billiards, snooker and table tennis.


What if I want to go to the vineyards?

Most people who come to the Retreat Bushland Lodge come for its remoteness and its relaxing atmosphere. Part of The Retreat’s appeal is that our guests are able to have a restful stay, in our fully equipped house and visit the vineyards on their way there or home.


But should you not want to travel far, there is at least one small vineyard in Gresford which is nearby on the way to the Barrington Tops. See the Activities page above. The main Hunter vineyards are south of Maitland and are just over an hour’s drive.


We want to bring the kids. What entertainment is available for them?

The Retreat is family friendly and the bushland setting is ideal for children. Watch them enjoy endless hours of bushwalking, bike-riding, playing in the cubby house and animal watching in the natural surrounds – there’s so much to do you’ll have trouble getting them back indoors. There are also many bats and balls for outdoor games.


If nature itself is not enough, they can enjoy watching a movie from our range of over 100 videos, listen to music on the stereo, enjoy reading from our wide selection of books and magazines or indulge in some quality family time by playing a board game. There are a good few books and videos for toddlers too.




What television coverage does the lodge have?

There is a large HD TV in the lounge, another TV in the master bedroom and one in the secret loft. These show free-to-air programs, and we also have a two DVD and VCR players.


Do you have a movie service?

The Retreat has over 100 movies and the two TVs have VCRs and DVDs. There are some children’s videos as well.


Is there music?

There is a stereo system and a good range of CDs. It also has an ipod docking system.


Is there internet access?

Yes, we provided a telephone line that can be used for local (Newcastle) dial-up internet access. Most guests use wireless internet and the reception has always been good.




Can we go shooting at the resort?

No, you can’t shoot the animals but you can feed them and photograph them.


Can we bring out trail bikes?

You can bring your trail bikes only if they are pedal powered. Motorised bikes are not permitted but you can use your 4x4 on the fire trails which we think is good fun (although curiously we've never seen anyone else doing this).


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